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5-6-7-8 Dance Studio


Our annual dance recitals will be held

Friday May 15th & Saturday May 16th, 2020 at the Janesville Performing Arts Center. 

Any change will be announced. We hold three recitals to accommodate our student size and the large number of classes we hold each week. Most dancers will perform in one of the three recitals with only a few exceptions. Recital schedules are posted several months in advance for your convenience.

Early stage training is a very important part of the students' dance education. The process of practice and performing helps dancers gain poise, self-confidence and also provides them with an opportunity to perfect the basics necessary to attain a personal dance career.

No student or family recital fees! We sell tickets to cover the cost of renting the JPAC facility for the week.

Recital tickets are $12.00 age 12-adults and $6.00 ages 3-11.

Dancers who are performing in the recital will be in the dressing room during the recital and do not need a ticket.

Costume Down-payment

A non-refundable costume down-payment of $40.00+tax will be due on or before October 15th for each class taken with the remaining balance ($25-$40+tax) due when they arrive. We will NOT order any costume until the down-payment is paid. Failure to make the costume down-payment will make your child/self ineligible to perform in the dance recital. The total cost on the costumes usually range around $65-$70/child & $70-$80/adult. The costume balance must be paid along with 4th term prior to picking up the costume for the recital.  You are required to purchase proper dance tights for the recital from our studio so all of the children remain uniform. The tights requirements for each class will be determined by the costume ordered and will be available at the desk.


All students are expected to be at the dress rehearsal for the recital.  Rehearsals are scheduled the week of the recital. ALL students are required to wear full costumes, stage make-up and proper tights and dance shoes as this is a full dress rehearsals. Details with performance order will be posted in plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements.  If a problem still arises, please talk with Becky immediately!