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5-6-7-8 Dance Studio

Tuition/Policies: Welcome

Enrollment & Tuition
All tuition is payable in advance for each term.  (Term = 7 - 8 lessons)
We accept CASH, CHECK & Credit Cards
*There will be a 3.5% convenience fee for all credit card payments made in person or online.
The convenience fee is non-refundable.

The dance school year = 4 Terms total from September to May.
2025: September – October  – January – February 

**NOTE** Dance classes run for the school year (September to May). You are liable for the full tuition from the date of enrollment unless you give written notice to cancel you financial obligation for the next term.  


Registration Fee – $25.00 per student
Family Discounts – 5% off each additional child
Pre-pay Discounts – Pre-pay for the entire year and receive 10% off your first class
Script Program – 10% to your organization
Recital Fee - $50.00 per family
All classes below are per student

1st  ‘class’ or subject $78.00 / Term Term = Approx. 7-8 lessons
2nd ‘class’ or subject Add $68.00 / Term *$10 off the 2nd ‘class’
3rd ‘class’ or subject Add $58.00 /Term *$20 off the  3rd ‘class’
Each additional ‘class’ Add $58.00 / Term *$20 off each additional ‘class’

45-minute class $98.00 /Term
(Ballet age 10 & up, Jazz & Hip Hop age 12 & up, AcroDance age 7 & up )

1-hour class $118.00 / term (Advanced Ballet, Pointe & Technique)
*Discounts listed above apply to regular scheduled classes ONLY and DO NOT affect the cost of the specialty classes listed below*
Solo, Duet and Trio classes MUST be approved by Becky in advance.

‘SOLO' - $250.00 per term – (30-minute class) *Available Times Only
$375.00 per term - (45-minute class) *Available Times Only

    (1 person in class – Age 14 & Up and experience in subject)
'DUET' – $215.00 per term/student (30-minute class)  *Available Times Only
$322.50 per term - (45-minute class) *Available Times Only

   (2 people - Age 12 & Up and experience in subject) 
‘TRIO’ - $175 per term per student – (30-minute class)  *Available Times Only
$262.50 per term - (45-minute class) *Available Times Only
(3 people - Age 12 & Up and experience in subject)

If your entire year’s tuition is paid before the 1st week of dance classes, receive a 10% discount on your 1st class.
(Does NOT apply to the already discounted 2nd & 3rd, and additional classes listed above)

Studio Policies
Our dance classes run with the school year. You are liable for the full tuition from the date of enrollment, unless we hear from you in writing, that you will not be attending the next term to cancel your financial obligation.   Starting second term, statements are sent home with students or emailed the week before each term is due.  Any Payment 30 days overdue from the starting date of the term will have a statement mailed home that will include a service charge.  Accounts overdue are charged 18% annual finance charge.  We accept CASH, CHECK & Credit Cards *There will be a 3.5% convenience fee for all credit card payments made in person or online. The convenience fee is non-refundable. There is a $30.00 service charge for any check that is returned to us from your bank for any reason.
Proper Dance Attire

 Every student is required to wear proper shoes and dance attire to class each week to better allow the teacher to make corrections and see body alignment as well as to avoid injury to muscles and tendons.
The dress code is available on the website as well as at the studio. Feel free to see an instructor if you have any questions.
Shoes warn in the dance rooms must be clean and never worn outside to protect our professional dance flooring and keep the floors clean for all dancers.

Ballet “slippers” available at stores like Target and Wal-Mart CANNOT be worn in classes. 
They are bedroom slippers, not dance shoes. 
Waiting Room

We ask for parents' cooperation in training their child from the very beginning to get ready for class 'quietly' in the cubby area so as not to disturb the classes that are in session. We ask that children have adult supervision at all times while in the waiting room. Your help with this will be appreciated by all. Please help keep the waiting room area picked up for the next family. Thank you.
Make-up Lessons

Please call the studio to let the teacher know when your child/self will not be at class. We cannot not gaurantee make-up classes. Classes missed due to illness or any other valid reason may be made up by attending another class if one is available. Check with Becky for the proper class days and times for make-up, if available.  Specialty classes, due to their nature, do not have make-up lessons available if you are absent. 
Inclement Weather Cancellations

Each class is scheduled two snow days.  If we DO NOT use them, they are considered free classes. Any dance classes cancelled due to the weather will be posted on fb, Instagram, and listed at  You are ultimately responsible to determine if you can safely drive to the dance studio for dance classes in bad weather. 
Communication emails
We send all communication and reminders through email. We MUST have an email address on file to send studio reminders and information. Please check with our desk personnel if you are not receiving our emails.

Recital Dance Music for Home Practice
Please let us know if you would like recital music to practice at home.
All students are required to be at the dress rehearsal for their recital. 
Rehearsals are scheduled in the evenings during the week of the recitals. ALL students are required to wear
full costumes, stage make-up, with proper tights/socks and dance shoes at the dress rehearsals.
Details will be posted in plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements. 
If a problem still arises, please talk with Becky immediately!

Costume Down-payment
A non-refundable costume down-payment of $40.00+tax will be due on or before October 15th for each class taken with the remaining balance ($30-$40+tax) due when they arrive. We will NOT order any costume until the down-payment is paid.
Failure to make the costume down-payment will make your child/self ineligible to perform in the dance recital.

The costume balance must be paid along with 4th term tuition prior to picking up the costume for the recital.  You are required to purchase proper dance tights for the recital from our studio so all of the girls in the class remain uniform. The tights requirements for each class will be determined by the costume ordered and will be available at the desk.

Recital Fee
A non-refundable recital fee of $50.00 per family is due in January with 3rd Term Tuition.
This fee will include 2-recital tickets and 1-recital DVD. Additional DVDs may be purchased for $25.00.
Families may purchase additional recital tickets. Recital tickets are $12.00 each.
Children 2 and under do not need a ticket when sitting on a lap.

Tuition/Policies: Welcome
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